April 1st, 2004

i'm good!

The real mushy stuff...

Some other dimensional beings came into my head last night, stripped away time and space, told me all of it was only "a cover" and then peeled away Brandon and my bodies and turned us into pure love energy.

I woke up and cried, it was so amazing.

That's what I get for finishing The Invisibles right before bed, I suppose.
i'm good!


The new lady over at Lundstrom, the store that usually plays crappy 80's pop songs, has in a CD of 1920's style jazz. It's most excellent. I am throughly pleased with this turn of events.

Also, I got a present from David Bowie (.com) for helping out in the e-team promotion. New sexy Bowie poster for me! All right!

Today was a slow and uneventful day at the mall, and I still managed to sell two Kidgits and read a chapter of "Breaking Open the Head".

What an unusually good day. I think my dream probably helped out with that to a large extent. I'm certainly not complaining.
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