January 14th, 2004

i'm good!

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Lately, all of my dreams have been movies, plays, and musicals. Here are details from just a few.

One of them was an award ceremony for a movie I'd supposedly filmed, and it was my name on the program for the awards. I had to confess to everyone there that I wasn't the one who had done the cinematography for which the award was being given. I left, and ran into Bill Murray, lost in the snow on a bridge.

Another had me in a very Moulin Rouge-esque musical play, and I do believe Ewan McGregor was in it, writing the show. It was a musical that took place in the Victorian era, and I was upset because I couldn't remember the lyrics to my song and was scared. We had really beautiful, elaborate costumes though. Brandon was in the show too, as some kind of steam boat captain, if I recall.

Last night's dream is rather fuzzy in my mind, but I do know it had something to do with having seen "Big Fish" last night. Awesome film by the way, you should all see it.

One day, I'll have to make a movie of these things to share with you all, because I enjoy them so much.
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