November 15th, 2003

i'm good!

No speaky...

I will not be making any of these so-called "phone posts" for the reason I will not share my voice in any one-way capacity unless it is singing. And I will not be singing outside of any requests Bibble makes for his musical purposes.

If you want to hear my voice, I want to hear yours in return. In a conversation. A meeting. It is a special kind of sharing. I'm not putting it up to mindlessly banter, like I do with text.

So there. None of this phone post stuff for me.

I'm sure no one cares.
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i'm good!

Even though I'm listening to Homogenic now...

Vespertine is an orgasm recorded in words and music. One of the most superior pieces of music ever.

Bjork sings from the female sexual power the way David Bowie sings from the male sexual power. Which is why they both look so young, you know.

So, watch out for when I learn to sing. Especially if Brandon's writing the music. You all know how good that is already.

Oh yes. OH YES.
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    Björk - Alarm Call