October 14th, 2003

i'm good!

Save the Earth! Save the Earth!

In my class, Environmental Activism and its Political Effect Around the Globe, we discussed the anomally of the Japanese environmental record. While Japan has the lowest public awareness level of the industrialized world, and no national environmental movements, it has one of the best environmental records in the world. The only movement it had was between the years 1968-1973, and that was all localized, victim movements. Because the government took preventative measures from then on, the people's awareness of pollution and other problems fell.

To demonstrate this brief period of public concern over the environment in Japan, my professor showed an educational video from 1971, called "Gozilla Vs. The Smog Monster". Dubbed, of course, catchy theme song and all. Still a good time for me, who was having a hard time concentrating on class material due to a Gozilla-sized headache.

Professor Dawson definately made my day ^_^
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