October 4th, 2003

i'm good!

Onaka ga suite...

Alright people. Stop posting about sushi! At least five people have been talking about sushi for the last three days. I'm stuck working at the mall all weekend and can't get any, and it's driving me mad!

Either bring me sushi, or don't talk about it*. Thank you.

*Neither of these is really applicable to any of you. I just want sushi in a bad way and want to rant about it. Do feel free to post about it, and even more free to bring me some if you feel like it.
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i'm good!

And then...

Well, at least I know none of my school books, Futurama DVDs or backpack will be getting sick this fall.

Because they've all been doused in 2/3 of a bottle of NyQuil I'd put in there for travel and forgot about.

So yeah. Fuck.
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i'm good!

C'mon already!

AIM fails to work. Then, it seems I need to re-install photoshop to get that to work, but I don't have the CD with me.

I'm fucking going to bed before I lose a limb or something.
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