September 3rd, 2003

i'm good!

Ghost speakers...

Last night I started hearing very faint music in my room. I thought it was coming from my radio, like I'd accidentally turned the volume low instead of turning it off when the alarm went off. Nope, not the culprit. I listened closely until I found the source -- my computer's speakers. But it wasn't music I was listening to, nor even music that I have on my computer. It sounded like a radio station, fuzzy, playing hip hop and rap. Even when I put my own music on, I could hear it faintly through the music.

So, puzzled and very sleepy, I simply turned them off, and it stopped. This morning I woke up, and turned them back on, and there was no sound coming from them. A few hours later, however, it started again. It goes on and off.

Does anyone have any clue how this could be, or what I should do? Should I start preparing for an alien takeover or what? I'd like to figure out what this is and stop it, especially since it's shitty music.
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