August 15th, 2003

i'm good!


Between Music for Torching and The End of Alice, A.M. Homes has most surely reconfirmed my decision not to have children. I would like though, to try and persuade you to read said books, as they are frighteningly well written.
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i'm good!

The Undereducation of America's Youth at a New Low...

So, I'm sitting here at work when my pal Chris the Security Guard (TM) comes around. He tells me how he just picked up some cool posters for his dorm at the collectibles show we have here today. He purchased a poster of Elvis and another of Eminem. Talking about posters and decorating, I took what I felt was my chance to brag.

ME: Well, my favorite is my 40x60 inch poster of David Bowie
Chris: David he an actor or something...?
ME: You don't know who David Bowie is? Are you serious?
Chris: I dunno, if you tell me something about him, maybe I heard of him...
ME: You don't know who David Bowie is!?!?
Chris: Uh, no. What does he do?

There's no way one can be educated in what "he does" without good speakers and a lot of time. I tried and failed miserably. Not one song I tried rang any bells.

I think I'm gonna cry.
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