August 11th, 2003

i'm good!

Film 101...

While I love my sister dearly, and I really enjoy her company and input on a lot of things, film is not one of them. She has a very small selection of movies in her mental cinema, and doesn't like a lot of the ones most of our friends (hers and mine seperately) and I think are pretty amazing (Fight Club, for example, she disliked because it was "too talky"). There are also a lot of movies she just hasn't seen that you'd think (or at least I'D thought) she have seen at some point. Like the Goonies. Or any John Hughes film. Stuff like that. She often asks me while we're watching a movie, "Who is that guy/lady?" and when I say the name, no bells ring. "What have they been in, then?" I list some films, and she usually says, "I haven't seen any of those."

As a crazed lover of movies, I occasionally try to get her to watch something good that she hasn't seen that she'll really like, or at least appreciate. I made her watch The Boondock Saints, and she loved it so much I bought her the DVD to take to school with her. There are times when she just refuses though. That's fine...I don't understand it, usually, but okay.

And there are other times when her lack of a movie database just amuses me. This morning I woke up, having fallen asleep watching the second commentary on a DVD I'd recently purchased, Legends of the Fall. She was taking it out of the PS2 to play a game, and:

Kath: You were watching Legends of the Fall?
Me: Yeah, it's a really good movie.
Kath: Is it a happy movie?
Me: No, not really. It's not fall as in autumn, it's the other kind of fall.
Kath: Oh, I thought it was like, a waterfall or something.

I dunno if she'll want to watch it, being that she prefers movies with "happier" (not always happy, but not depressing) endings. She doesn't like "talky" movies, as I said before, but she liked Jerry Maguire when she saw most of it with me because "it had a happy ending," and the kid was cute. How that is less talky and more happy an ending than Fight Club, I haven't the foggiest. She really liked Amelie, but it took me a while to get her to watch it because it was in French (though my parents, who are even WORSE with movies, refuse to watch it because they can't seem to deal with subtitles).

I think I'll try and take her to see Whale Rider, which I saw last night. It was excellent, and I'm pretty sure she'll enjoy it. I can't choose her tastes, but maybe I can at least introduce her to a larger palette.
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