May 16th, 2003

i'm good!

Fatty bits...

One of the problems with being at home, surrounded by "free" food at any time of the night is that I get, well, indulgent.

How indulgent, you may ask?

Well, I just stuck a straw into a three liter bottle of ginger ale. We'll see how long it lasts.
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i'm good!

S is for Stupendous!

Today (well, Thrusday, so, technically yesterday) was a day for LJ people with S names.

First sponsoredby posted for the first time in a while, then I noticed spacemummy came back to give me some outer-wordly attention. Meanwhile, sathanas65 spotted me at the mall, and I won a pair of pants from autobuck.

Zowie. That was super, in a silly way. Just the way I like it.
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