October 31st, 2002

i'm good!

I couldn't resist...

So, for Brandon's upcoming birthday (November 7th, for those not looking at his profile) I decided to get him what he wanted: A digital recorder, so when he starts rolling on an idea but isn't at the computer, he/we can record the thoughts/conversation, and he can upload it directly to his computer. Patrick, being the Radio Shack god that he is, agreed to assist me by going and buying it with me, thusly getting a 25% discount. We mentioned it was a gift, and the woman working wrapped it up with batteries for us.

Naturally, the minute we left the store, we had to give it to him. Every day we waited was another day that he could be using it. And we'd be thinking how much we'd want to give it to him. So we went over to his house and gave it to him. So much for being ready early...the earlier I'm ready, the earlier I give the gift. I just can't help myself. His presents always come at least a week early. I'm so bad.

Anyway, that night as we were laying down to go to sleep, we got to talking. At that point I said, "Hey, let's get the recorder!!" So we did, and talked for about an hour in bed with the recorder running. We then listened to what we'd said.

"You know hun, most people, when they're feeling crazy in bed, tape themselves fornicating. We just recorded ourselves pontificating."

Did I mention I have the bestest boy ever? Hehehe.
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