September 20th, 2002

i'm good!

Religious experience...

Talking about choosing the name of a band tonight led to a long and involved conversation about Christianity, and some less conventional ideas on what might have gone down in the days of Jesus (Hubert) Christ. A very productive discussion in my opinion.

One of the topics we hit upon was Jesus's relationship with Mary Magdalene. We discussed how even the Bible tells how the disciples were upset by his obvious favor toward this woman, and why he would "kiss her that way," and their jealousy. She was a bit surprised by this, and Brandon explained what he meant, since Jesus probably kissed all his disciples, that Mary got "special" kisses, full on. He and I then proceeded to show that it was most likely not just a little friendly peck (demonstrate a greeting peck) but more of a passionate kiss (demonstrate a more passionate kiss).

Amanda giggled. "You guys just pretended to kiss like Jesus and Mary Magdalene!"

Yesterday, if you'd asked me if I'd be portraying an intimate relationship between important Biblical characters, I would have laughed at you. I'm not really a role-player, but I'd have to say that's probably the most twisted role playing I could ever have come up with, heh. I bet there were a pretty awesome couple though, so I can't say I dislike the thought.

Besides, my mom would be happy to know I'm living my life according to the Bible anyway ^_~
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