September 10th, 2002

i'm good!

One year later...

I can't read this without crying, because we all know that happiness makes you cry.

I can't think of a better reason to cry.

Kimi wa ichiban utsukushii kao o shite iru. Kimi wo aishiteru, zutto.

Happy anniversary.
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i'm good!

As if it weren't already awesome enough...

I went to check my mailbox here at school today, and what should I find but a purple slip. Purple slips mean PACKAGES!

Mine turns out to be an interstellar birthday gift from one kawaii pandora, Malinda. She has been far too generous I'm afraid.

Not just one, but two David Bowie CDs (Low and Young Americans, two of the top choices on my list of cds to purchase), and on top of THAT, a DVD of The Man Who Fell to Earth!! Too much goodness abounding.

I'm floored by your amazing present. Thank you SO much!! Of course, you can share the fun with me when we have our Bowie party later on, hehe.

Zowie Wowie Bowie, what a day!
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i'm good!

I changed my vote!!

Recently, I responded to someone's post about which cover of "Across the Universe" was the best. I said the John Lennon accoustic was the best, and the best cover was Rufus Wainwright. I thought my only other choice was Fiona Apple.

Well, fuck me, I just discovered DAVID BOWIE did a cover of the same song. I'm not sure if it's the best, but god damn, I didn't even know it was a choice until now! Holy shit man!

David Bowie might just win by default...

And I'll give two points to anyone who can guess which Bowie album I opened first, just from looking at my last song choices, hehe.
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i'm good!

And in case you were wondering...

I didn't really question that Brandon posted his anniversary post today. I hadn't expected it, but being our first hang-out date was on the ninth, arranged a date on the tenth and had the official first date/get together decision on the eleventh, I figured he'd split the difference. The sentiment was just as beautiful, simply more surprising.

Talking to Brandon just now on the phone, I asked him why he'd decided to move it up, in case he had a more valid reason than that. He sounded rather befuddled.

"Isn't today the eleventh?"
"No, hun, it's the tenth."
"It's not Wednesday?"
"No, it's only Tuesday."
"No way! I've been thinking all day it was the eleventh!"
"But you went to your Tuesday classes, didn't you?"
"Oh yeah...heh, make sure you post this and let everyone know I thought it was the wrong day, cuz I know I told all my friends it was the eleventh."

And so, I have now told the world. Brandon and I will officially be anniversed one year tomorrow.

This whole incident, though, reminds me just why I love him so much. If nothing else, he certainly knows how to make me smile ^_^
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