September 2nd, 2002

i'm good!

I <3 Professor Tian!

Today was my first day of States and Markets in East Asia. Besides its relevancy to my studies, I chose it because Professor Tian is so fucking cool, hehe. I had him last year for Comparative Politics, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. He was talking about the job market, and how studying Asian politics and finance will probably be a plus, as well as some language.

He then pointed to me and said, "She's smart, she knows this. She's taking Japanese, and so when she gets through here, her chances are much better to get a job because of it. Very smart."

Conceited as it may be, it always feels really good when an instructor singles you out to tell the class that you're smart, even if I'm not the only Japanese student in the class.

He also said something I thought was worth remembering about American economics. "Everyone in the world loves the American Standard of Living, but no one in the world enjoys the American Standard of Stress." Fits in well with my mantra, heh.
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