July 30th, 2002

i'm good!


Okay, perhaps someone out there can save me. If not, I'll have to find drastic measures indeed.

Saturday, I'm supposed to see David Bowie in concert in Massachusetts at 3:30. So, despite asking for the day off from work, I didn't get it. Ping got it off first, something about her husband going to sea or such. I was supposed to work 10-6...I got it worked out from 9-1, but this still may not be good enough. No one else that I know of is going to be able to give me a ride to David Bowie that late in the day...for one reason or another, everyone else has to be up there earlier.

Tomorrow, I'm going to beg and plead and scream and cry to my boss to see if I can't manage to get Amy to work Saturday...we just hired her today. I dunno if it's going to work. If that doesn't work, I'll see if I can't beg Ping to take 9-1...she just might be willing to do it, and she does owe me for covering for her one day.

However, I am begging and imploring you, my friends on LJ...if any of you know of a way I could possibly get up to David Bowie in time...PLEASE HELP ME!!! I've already made an ass of myself once tonight, I'd at least like to find a way out of this mess. Any information of any kind would be helpful.

Thanks so much...
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i'm good!

On the other page...

I did manage to have a fun time, however, at the illustrious Book Barn today. Sifting through just the outer rings of this swirling cloud of book-y goodness, I managed to get the following:

Fiesta(The Sun Also Rises) by Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway makes my day!

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Apparently, I was very lucky to have found a copy, being that it's on several local school's summer reading lists.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Dubliners both by James Joyce. The boys both have copies of Finnegan's Wake already, so I let that one go.

The Fitzgerald Reader by F. Scott Fitzgerald, edited by Arthur Mizener. I'd borrowed this book from my junior year English teacher, and it's a fantastic collection of short stories and selections from various novels. This one is going next to my copy of The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night.

Taoist Tales. Tao for a dollar. You really just can't go wrong there.

And, last but certainly not least, The Teaching of Buddha. This is actually the book you find in the hotel rooms in Japan--bilingual, no less--and I'd regretted not taking a copy while I was there. Whatever qualms I had about stealing it from Japan were non-existent when I saw it here for just $4.

A nice set of seven books for just a little under $18. I'd say that wasn't bad at all. Next time, however, if I actually get into the ACTUAL store...I may not get off so easily.

What shall I read tonight...we'll just have to wait and see.
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i'm good!

Bowie loves me, this I know...

Ping will work 9-1 for me. I don't care if she speaks proper English or not, she's a goddess right about now.

Now, nothing stands between me and the Almighty Bowie.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and lovey love. I am restored!
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