July 27th, 2002

i'm good!

Let's talk about synchronocity...

Here's a fun little story that's fun for two (2) reasons: It involves synchronocity and Alan Watts. Those should be two (2) of your favorite things as well, and if they aren't already, maybe they will be after you read my story.

The other night, I was talking to Melissa about Alan Watts and "Jesus and His Religion or the Religion About Him". I thought she'd be interested in what he had to say, and thankfully I was right. I told her I'd give her a copy of it sometime.

Tonight at work, I intended to give it to her, but I'd forgotten the CD at Brandon's. She was a little surprised to find out it was a CD and not a book I was letting her have, but I did my best to try and convey that he is/was an awesome speaker. Sadly, along with the CD, I also forgot the book that I was going to read at work once she left. Melissa had brought a very interesting book with her, however: America's Alternative Religions. Since she was leaving in just a few minutes, she offered to let me borrow it, and just return it to her tomorrow. I thanked her, and later on in the evening, I was very glad I had it...it was a slow night.

So, I opened the book and looked at the table of contents. There was a section on Asian religions in America, and one article on Buddhism caught my eye. About half way through reading it I came across this passage:

This exciting intellectual atmosphere surrounding Zen was encouraged by the prolific writings of two persons in particular. Alan Watts, and Englishman who was a convert to Buddhism and later and Episcopal priest...wrote several books on Zen, relating it to art, psychotherapy and the life of the mind...He also had success as a lecturer.

The article goes on a little more, but I stopped there, underlined it, and called Brandon to make sure he brought the CD with him, because now I had the perfect place to put it for her. A little synchronocity will always make my day, and with any luck, it will make Mel's too.

P.S.-- If you were wondering who they said was the other prolific writer, it was Daisetz T. Suzuki, a Rinzai Zen monk who wrote in English for Western audiences.
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i'm good!

To each their own...

It's a wonderful thing, I think, to see that people with similar interests, ideas and energy have different talents in which to express themselves.

You and I might have the same idea, or experience a certain moment together, or whatever, yet I might go and draw a picture while you manifest it in poetry. No one takes in events exactly the same, and no one produces anything from them in the same way either. And by having a similar idea in many different venues, it gives everyone else an opportunity to come across it wherever they are happiest. If Thom Yorke writes a song about something that was in another person's book, it's more likely there will be more people who will come across that idea. Now, not only do people who like that particular book know about it, but Radiohead fans will hear about it too.

And that is the reason we all have different talets to share with each other. Spreading the memes, and the love, as much as possible.

This post is the product of a very delightful conversation with Ashliana.
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i'm good!

Yo! I pity da fool who don't like sexpionage!

I want everyone to know there is a new(ish) meme out there you should think about adding to your list of interests. We call it sexpionage. It's named after a TLC program about female spies and seduction techniques.

This is the idea of gently (or not, depending on who you are, I suppose) sneaking up to your partner and getting them aroused, causing them to stop what they're doing and make sweet sweet love with you. One minute he's playing a videogame...then next he's not! It's not meant to be forced, either...it's just a little sneaky persuasion. I think you all know what I mean.

Personally, I think it's a lot of fun. And that means you should try it, too! C'mon, you know you want to join us.
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