July 26th, 2002

i'm good!


This post deals with a topic some may not feel like reading...menstration

Menstration is one of the strangest phenomenon of logic ever. You don't want it, until you're supposed to have it, and then you want it, even though you hate it, and the minute you get it, you don't want it again. There is only one thing worse than having your period, and that is not having your period. It seems like it must have been a plan devised by Eris herself, however, the process itself is NOT chaotic. Every woman has a certain cycle, a certain time to expect it to last, a regular schedule if you will. So therefore, it cannot be an Erisian plot. Besides which, I'd like to think Eris would have had a little more sympathy for us human women than that.

The pain is another matter completely. The best way I could possibly describe it to my male friends--if they want to "empathize"--is to imagine that someone stuck a straw up your urethra and slowly started to suck your intestines out through it. And you had to pretend, all the while, that you weren't bleeding profusely from your sexual organs.

Thirdly, for those of you still with me, is what it does to my energy levels. Obviously, your natural immune response is focusing on what is going on down there, and it leaves you more open for attack by an external force, be it a virus or bacteria or whatever. My body feels weaker when I have my period--today's earlier post is an example--and it takes a lot more to get me going. My creativity falls if I don't have a lot of stimuli to keep it up (I'm actually going to write another post about that when I'm done bitching--it seems today, that and a push from a friend will help me get over the hump).

It's not a very effective process either, though. I'm not trying to even have children, and yet, I keep losing eggs in this process. What if someday I change my mind and want kids, but by that time, they're all gone? Unlike men who will produce sperm indefinitely, we only get a certain number of eggs at birth, and that's it--for the rest of our lives. They may make a pill for impotence, but not of infertility.

Menstration is an archaic leftover of evolution anyway. By now, we don't need this kind of thing to keep our species reproducing. If we needed, we have plenty of other ways of producing children. I'm not saying we should stop doing it the old fashioned way...I'm a big fan of it, in fact. I just wish that my body realized it didn't have to go through this whole ordeal EVERY MONTH. I want to say to my internal organs, "Listen, sweetie, I'm not trying to have kids this month...why don't you just hold off for now, okay?" And then, tadaa!! No problems. Humans are supposed to no longer be subject to evolution, and while we have ways of dealing with it, it of course costs money. I suppose the reason it hasn't been completely irradicated already is the fact that menstration care and control is a big business. If I'm not a slave to my body, then I'm a slave to corporate America. Somewhere inside of me, I'm screaming that it's just not right.

So, if you're still with me, sign my petition to STOP MENSTRATION! Thank you.
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i'm good!

There isn't a time or a place, only an ebb and a flowing...

The best thing for increasing one's own energies is to be in contact with people who are willing to share their energies with you. My best friends are often the ones who help me boost my energy in times of need.

Today, there has been a lot of good energy beaming my way, and it makes me happy for everyone! (More of them, however, need livejournals to recieve linking credit!)

This is why I love things like livejournal and art class. People all around you, creating and thinking and being, helping me to find an outlet for my own thoughts and feelings. And reading does the same thing...someone else's thoughts thrown into your mind via written language. Wowie zowie...everything is just full of energy if you look at it in the right light.

Today, the Force is strong.
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