July 7th, 2002

i'm good!

Reality check...

At work on Friday, a man in a wheelchair came up the the counter and asked my co-worker and myself if anyone had recently reported a lost wallet. He'd lost it about a week ago, and had been looking for it since. There was $700 in cash in it. Unfortunately, no one had turned it in, security didn't have it, and there was nothing we could do. He smiled (he had a great smile, by the way), thanked us, and started to wheel away. Janet, the woman working with me, said, "You lost that much money and you're still able to smile?"

Still smiling, he turned back to us and said, "Well, shit happens."

It was a good reminder that, well, shit happens. Doesn't have to get you down. I wish I'd thanked him when I had the chance. He was pretty damn cool.
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