July 4th, 2002

i'm good!

A reminder for the fourth...

Happy Birthday America! I wrote a poem for you, just for the occasion:

The stripy part is red
The stary part is blue
The pledge is unconstitutional
And your leaders are too!

Oh, you know you laughed.

Seriously though, America is still a young country in comparison to most other world powers. I think it is important to remember, especially on our nation's birthday, what it is that so many people find special about this country, but many of its own citizens have forgotten. The freedom the Constitution promises does not make you free to be dumb. It's in place to try and free us from the dumb. Your nation extends beyond your driveway. Be the aware and thoughtful participant you were supposed to be, and you'll be helping your country age gracefully instead of growing senile at an early age.
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