June 9th, 2002

i'm good!


I'm very tired, and thusly, I shall be very breif. I'll discuss any and everything more later, if you should like.

Japan was amazing, but so is that which I have returned to.

I'm home again.
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i'm good!

And so it shall be written...

Thank you to everyone that sent me welcome home salutaions ^_^ Now, my random report on Japan for anyone interested.

Engrish was abundant. This is a picture of the shirt I bought, thanks to Josh "Sushi" Deuink (Check out his site for more fun stuff!!)

The weather was hot and sticky. Kyoto especially so. It's hot. Yes.

Shrines and temples are mad cool, just don't try and visit 5 a day for too long...you get tired of the same stories after a while.

Gackt's second album is quite good. And HE'S NOT A WOMAN. His third album, Moon, comes out NEXT week though...talk about cruelty!

DVD's are as expesive as pearls. Honest.

There simply aren't words for Hiroshima's peace park. Go.

Of all the people in Japan, the kids are the hardest to speak to. They don't understand that you don't understand.

My professor and I went to lunch by ourselves one day. We spoke entirely in Japanese. She said I'd made a real noticable improvement. I so did a backflip on the inside.

While I do love my sushi, it was nice to find pizza without mayonaise and real beef when I got home.

If you want to know if anything from America is in Japan, like Starbucks or the Gap, or any other corporation, the answer is always "Yes, but everything is half the size and three times as expensive"

It's �124 to the dollar right now. And yen are fun ^_^

Green Tea Pocky and Mango Pocky were the only new ones to try...a smashing success though.

Japanese beer is far more drinkable than its U.S. counterpart.

No, I didn't find any underwear vending machines. Just beer, soft drinks and sometimes snacks.

To go anywhere, you need to take a train to a train to a train to a train to a train, etc. Sometimes, there's a bus in there too.

They all speak way more English than you speak Japanese.

For being called the land of the rising sun, you don't get much of a tan.

Japanese babies are the cutest in the world.

Lastly, if you go to Japan, take someone you love. I sure wish I could have.

I can't think of anything else right now...if you do go to Josh's site, you'll see plenty of pictures for yourself. I loved it. Feel free to ask me any questions you like, too. It'll be fun! Thanks again for the warm welcome back greetings. Love to you all!!
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