May 15th, 2002

i'm good!

Counting down (also known as procrastination)...

Approximately 10.5 hours remaining before this paper is to be handed in.

I'm currently working on page long as I don't have to restart the paper, I should be okay. In the end, it's all bullshit anyway.

And back I go...

Musical note--CDs I've gone through in the process of writing this paper:
Radiohead - The Bends
Billy Joel - Stormfront
Mix CD from Eddie
Gackt - Mars
Ours - Distorted Lullibies
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    Ours - Fallen Souls
i'm good!

Last time...I hope...

Page seven...the paper is actually drawing to a close already, but I may go back and add more later. We'll see what Zach has to say when he looks at it (he took the class last semester and has been gracious enough to help me out).

Yoko Kanno - Cowboy Bebop OST 3 BLUE
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    Yoko Kanno - Blue
i'm good!

Finally final...

Finished paper at approx. 9:30. Eight pages of pure, unadulterated shite.

10:00 turned in paper.

10:23 home and officially finished for the semester.

Kenna - New Sacred Cow
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    Kenna - I'm Gone