May 8th, 2002

i'm good!

I got isogashii coming out my ears!

I can't even comprehend that I have an exam today. Then tea ceremony. Then the play. Then room selection. Plus, it's my mom's birthday today (happy to her!) and I should drop a line, paying a visit Thursday.

If I survive, I'll be most exhausted, I think.
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i'm good!

"What's that, been to Egypt and never seen the pyramids?"

Phenomenal. I want to say that first. This play was absolutely phenomenal.

I've seen four plays here at Conn College this past year. Two of them were poorly written, and the third poorly performed. Needless to say, I wasn't looking for much from this show except a great set (the sets here are always fantastic). So I go to "Spring Awakening" expecting much of the same kind of thing. I'm going out of obligation more than interest.

I never enjoyed being proved wrong more. It was well written (originally in German, but the translation played pretty damn well), well acted, well thought, and very daring. Hands down the best play I've seen here. I'm wowed and amazed.

On other matters: The test went all right except for the 30% essay question at the end, the tea ceremony was lovely, and I did manage to eat in the middle (JA dining hall had really good rice today!) Now, to pick my room for next year and write two papers...won't that be fun! And off I go...
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i'm good!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for...

In case you forgot already, we (as in probably just me) were waiting in suspense to see who would be the person to write the 1,000th comment in my journal.

The winner of this pseudo-contest is BRANDON SPANGLER!!

::trumpets blare, cymbals crash, and all that jazz::

If you'd like to see the winning post, look here. No comment could have been better, if you ask me.

Thank you all for playing. Stay tuned for the next thousand posts. I'll see if I can't keep it interesting.
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