April 19th, 2002

i'm good!

It's a secret message from my pores...

I'm the only person I know who gets zits in patterns. They started off as regular geometric shapes. Now they've upgraded to constellations.

Amanda has taken to calling me Orion for this particular arrangement of acne. Then again, she claims there must be a dark nebula in my nose...
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i'm good!

"You could try smiling..."

Rei's at it again. Trying to make my life more surreal.

Last time, she looked curious and questioning. Well, just yesterday I changed her head to have her eyes closed. Normally, that facial expression makes her look solemn. Lonely. But not this time. She looks contented. Happy almost. It almost looks like she has a...smile.

Maybe it's the shadows. Or maybe she really isn't a doll...
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i'm good!

Quote of the day...

This comes from the away message of a friend of mine on AIM:

When you base your whole identity on reaction against somebody it's the same as being in love.

And how.
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