March 29th, 2002

i'm good!

Mourn not, he outlives you...

"...non-locality in the Bohmian sense would continue even if all human beings died.

"An approximation toward a thinkable model of this requires television as an exemplar. As cynics often note mournfully, the TV shows of the 1950s still travel through space-time and denizens of solar systems forty light-years away, systems we can't even see, might start receiving Ed Sullivan, Milton Berle and news of the MacCarthy Era any day now--and try to understand us on the basis of those signals...

"Thus, Milton Berle has achieved something like non-locality."

~Robert Anton Wilson, Quantum Psychology, pg. 193.
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i'm good!

If I could be who you wanted...

I just awoke from a most unexplainable, mind-altering dream.

Which was somehow about the control we give up, the running away we do, the changing of ourselves, and the becoming of all. To the tune of "Fake Plastic Trees".

I can't write anything concrete about it...and I know it's fading already...but imagine if you watched a music video that revealed the secret of consciousness and you made it up in your sleep.

Layers of the words...a woman in a tattered, rust-colored dress, running away, but not within her own mind. Headlights behind her. A man reaches out, he looks likeThom Yorke...he would take her with him, but she can't see him...she has been found and remains still as death. Christmas trees composed of people's thoughts, glowing artificially. Meanwhile, I'm circling around series of alarm clocks, and with each one, there is a powerful drug with a message. The most powerful was with the words, "moving out." The clock said 6:30 am. Patrick and Brandon are there too, one alarm clock ahead, calling me forward. There is something about people being a program, and to change yourself, all you need to is upload a better version...

There was more...but it's fading...damn. It sounds lame now that I've written it...but I'm dizzy with what it did at the time. I suppose it's all stuff I already knew, but illustrated in the most amazing way...and that's something I simply can't explain here with any semblence of what it was.

I'm awake, but I'm not sure I'm back yet..
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