March 8th, 2002

i'm good!

A little night Zen...

For the most part, I'm a people person. I enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones, and at times, get a little lonely when I cannot see them.

Yet, sometimes, like tonight, I really appreciate the loneliness. I'm not sure that's the right's more like sabi. The perfect beauty of solitude. The tree that flowers singularly and alone. The empty space between the stars. The quietness of nothing.

Often, something is beautiful because it will fade away. The only way they will continue to exist is as a moment photographed in the mind. Distilled kisses from the abyss. Nothing lasts, including this lone moment. But it's fleeting existence, perfect in still emptiness, makes it beautiful.

When I was young, on a cold winter night I stepped outside, wrapped in a blanket, and stared at the crisp perfection of the sky. And while I was alone, I wasn't lonely in the sense I wanted anyone else there. That's a sabi memory I'll always have, but may well never have again.

Tonight, it is very much the same. Impermanence and solitude are, at this moment, perfection.
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i'm good!

No surprises here...

Well, it's back home to the burbclave for the next two weeks. Today is the start of Spring Break.

My translation: Break from reading school books, and onward to reading copious amounts of Robert Anton Wilson instead. It's like LSD for your reality...or is that LSD? Either way, I'll be bookin' it this vacation. I'm sure I'll catch a few of you in the interval.
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