January 11th, 2002

i'm good!

Brilliant Adventure...

The following is a slightly amusing story that took place in Strawberries today/yesterday, involving myself, Tara Barnum and the store clerk.

(I come up to the counter and place my purchase-to-be on the counter: David Bowie's "Hours...")
Clerk: (looks shocked) Whoa, that was random!
Tara: Not if you know her it's not.
Clerk: Big Bowie fan then? Just getting started or something?
Me: Nah, I've always liked Bowie, I've just recently decided I need to purchase some of his albums.
Clerk: Ah, well, have you actually heard this then?
Me: Oh yeah, I like all his albums except one...(searching for the name in my head) Uh.."Earthling", that's it.
Clerk: Oh, alright, yeah, I can see that. If you'd said "Hunky Dory" I woulda had to (raises hands in mock gun motions and makes bang noises).
Me: No, no problems with "Hunky Dory".
(Clerk finishes ringing me out, gives me my change during this last exchange.)
Me: Thanks, have a good day.
(Tara and I leave the store, give each other a strange look)
Me: I didn't realize it would be an interogation!

I've never thought I needed a store clerk's approval before buying a record before, but now, I'm almost tempted to make sure I do...otherwise...BANG!
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