October 21st, 2001

i'm good!

Atashi no shin'yuu...

Today, I got to spend time with someone I haven't gotten to see in a long time. Granted, we're both busy, and I know it, but I'd really missed him. Getting to spend some time with him after a long absense makes me very happy.

We went to the mall, chatted, drove around a little, he saw my dorm room for the first time, nothing terribly exciting, but it was still fun for me. I just hope he had a good time, too. Maikku wa sugoi desu yo! Tottemo omoshiroi desu.
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i'm good!

Proving the point...

When we were in the mall today, I signed up at Suncoast for a Replay Card. Jokingly, I said "Heh, should I fill this out in katakana?" Naturally, Michael said no, but two of the three guys working today knew me from work, and were also geeks--I mean, interested in such things. They asked me if I read all forms of Japanese, could write it, etc. Even the guy who didn't recognize me got into it. Eventually, they all had me write their names for them in katakana (Sean Pillars, Alan Ingle, and Rich Vizcaino...that last one was a toughie). Before I left, I said, "Next time, I WILL fill out stuff in katakana, and you'd better know who it is!"

It illustrated my point to Michael quite clearly...once you work at Sarge's, you become a dork-culture celebrity.
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