September 27th, 2001

i'm good!

Infernal Robbie-isms...

I'm now in college, and do you know what people call me? MEPK (rhymes with epic). I think of it now because my roomie is on the phone to her boyfriend explaining the term.

Yeah, it's stuck, BUT GOOD, Robbie.

However, the Asian Film Club rejected it. They've decided to call me Emmi (aka M.E.). I suspect because it goes better with -chan...
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i'm good!

I keep this because it's just so amusing...

Now, I should know better than to leave LiveJournal set up with auto login... especially since I barely live in the residence upon which it is left. But I don't. So miscreants like PAT BRADLEY can get to my LJ account and type all sorts of stupid messages. Guess it's back to the monkey farm with me!
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