September 22nd, 2001

i'm good!

No more "Friends" for me...

I had possibly one of the strangest dreams ever. I was getting married to this kid named Sean, and while the person in my dream LOOKED like a kid I know named Sean, it wasn't him. In this dream, he was Jewish and I had only met him once before in my life. His family gave me a book of sexual positions as a wedding gift, along with a whip. He'd asked me to marry him by mail. I have no idea why I had accepted, but in my dream, I had just decided to call the wedding off. Still I got all dressed up in my mother's wedding gown, and yelled "Mom, you have to take me to cancel my wedding!" It seems I'd only decided this on the very day of the wedding. She took me, but before I could cancel any plans to get wed, everyone was all "Oh, you're so pretty! Look what a lovely couple they'll be!" Then, Tara Barnum and Melissa Barnes insisted I have a sandwich with them, because for some reason, we were now in a dinner (still in wedding garb, mind you). I woke up just around that point.

It was really description doesn't do it justice, because it was freaky. I officially blame "Friends" because my roommates all watched the season finale where Monica and Chandler get married. I'm gonna eat something now...because if my dream weren't bizaare enough, today is Ox Baker day at work...
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