August 16th, 2001

i'm good!

And on a lighter note...

Despite my low spirtis of late, there are some good things in my life.

Ryoko-chan recieved her package this afternoon, after an ungodly time of shipping. She loves all the gifts, and thanks everyone involved ^_^ I miss my little sister so much sometimes.

Hamlet on Tuesday was awesome. After having been tortured with that 90-minute piece of crap, this was like being treated to a 7 course meal. While, naturally, there were some cuts, they were small and understandable. Everything, from actors to set to the costuming, was wonderful.

I now have my college email ('t use it yet though!), address, student and faculty advisors. College move in is August 25th. I know Katie, Robbie, James, and Mike, if I remind him enough, are coming to help. Thanks a bunch guys.

Not much else to tell really. Life is life, I suppose. I have some things I have to work out right now...and while they are sad, I suppose they are necessary. Such is life.
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