August 2nd, 2001

i'm good!


I took up Japanese because it's the most beautiful language I've ever heard.

And what am I doing with it right now? Translating the titles to pornographic movies for work. ::sigh:: I've always known about the Japanese penchant for smut movies, but I don't like to have to do this sort of thing. Especially when you get words like "kiringemashiin." What the hell is a "kiringemashiin" you may ask? The best I can guess, judging from the cover and what parts of the kanji I could translate, I decided on "Killing Machine." It made a lot more sense than "Crying Gamer Scene".

Malinda is leaving work in two weeks. I'm going to be leaving in early September. The two are actually not related. I've been thinking about it for a while, even when it seemed Malinda would be staying on. I've honestly tried, and this job just hasn't worked out for me. Katie says maybe I'm not cut out for retail...I think she was just trying to be kind. Despite my best efforts to be nice, I apparently have an attitude problem. I honestly can't work with Sally anywhere near me...she makes me feel bad about myself, genuinely. I'm never really needed for anything except the occasional customer question and busy work. They don't need me. Most of the time, I feel they don't want me. It seems to me I can't do anything right there. I'm sure everyone will be relieved when I leave. I suppose it was a good first job...but there will be other jobs, too.

Well, after I finish my pile of "Beautiful" movie translations (they all start with the word beautiful..."Beautiful Hunter", "Beautiful Target", "Beautiful Prey") I can reward myself with some reading, and a little sleep. Then, back to work...

Things may change in the next month...but somehow, I doubt it.
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