May 27th, 2001

i'm good!

Senior prom...

I suppose this post isn't terribly interesting, but I'm making it anyway.

Saturday was my senior prom. I got all dressed up, got my hair and makeup done, got pictures taken, went out to dinner, even danced. I had a really good time. It wasn't the best night of my life, by any means, but I thouroughly enjoyed myself.

I went with my friend, Chris Kong. I didn't go with Eddie because he and I didn't get together until after I'd decided to ask Chris. I had asked him because I knew he wouldn't go otherwise, and I thought we'd have a really good time. And you know what? We did. The best thing about the evening was when Chris and I went out to get some air (it was hot in there, and dancing didn't help matters). He told me that he was having fun, and that he was glad he came, because he hadn't planned on going until I asked him. I was glad we both had fun.

It all went well, despite the rain. It's definately an event I'll look upon fondly in the future.

And Eddie...I did save you that dance ^_~
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