March 6th, 2001

i'm good!

Now what was I saying...?

I have had the most brain-dead day today. It started shortly after David picked me up. First, there were 17 orignal colonies. It was all downhill from there. Then, I couldn't remember Admiral Jarok from the episode "The Defector", or that he self-destructed his shuttle. Then I couldn't find the light switch to the bathroom. I'm amazed I remembered my own name today. Still, he puts up with me. Thanks ^_^

The last two days have been pure lounge. This might be why I'm close to brainless today. Soon, it may start to hurt. I'm probably best off getting some of my homework done...but I doubt I'm gonna even start for a while. Lazy is as lazy does, I suppose. It means double-time on the drama rehearsals, though. Just what I DON'T need. All I ask is no Saturday...that's my work day, the day I go get Ryoko, and Katie's in town...the last thing I want is drama...oh well.

Time to squander the hours chit chatting and finding music vids for Pat Bradley.
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