February 20th, 2001

i'm good!

Busy girl...

Between school, drama, and some semblence of a social life, I've had no time to post. If you care enough to read this journal, you probably know most of the things I've been doing anyway, but I'm going to post some of the more amusing stuff regardless.

This week, and today again, I got e-mails from Goto Ryoko, the girl who will be staying with me in March. I'm very excited about meeting her and having her stay with me. I feel bad, she asked me what kind of gifts she should bring my sister and I. I know it is customary to give a gift to the family hosting you, but I still feel that it's unnecessary. Having someone to bug about Japanese culture is enough, hehe. Hopefully, though, she and I will hit it off well, and I think we can probably learn a lot from each other. Her English is good, but like all students, she needs a little work, and maybe she'll help me a little with my Japanese. I wrote some Japanese in my e-mails to her, and she said it was correct, but I need a lot more work than she does ^_^. I am looking forward to it, if you couldn't tell.

It seems I'll be getting a job at Sarge's soon as well. With two people leaving, and March rapidly approaching, now is a good time for me to start. I'll let everyone know once I know for sure, hehe. Here's to hoping again!

Katie visited this weekend. It was lots of fun ^_^ Because of her mom's change in plans and an unexpected snow, we didn't stay in Boston, but went right home after we picked her up. For kicks, on the ride home, I whipped out a copy of Feral's book (for those of your who don't know, Feral is the guy who works at Sarge's with the beard), The Darkness and the Damned. Hehe, it's even a signed copy. I started reading it aloud in the car by headlight light. Katie was driving, and she kept slowing down or speeding up, depending on the light source behind us, and La Mare got really pissy about it, hehe. Still, we all really enjoyed the reading, hehe. Pick up a copy at Sarge's and you'll see what we mean. It was really nice to have my slightly-older sister around for the weekend, and we got our lounge on, I tell you! She even took me out driving for a little while. Now that's sisterhood. Sadly, she didn't get to see Hannibal, the whole REASON she came down this weekend, but soon she will. Til then, I'll hold on to her free movie tickets, and I promise not to use them ^_^.

I also got to see David. We had a rousing round of Star Trek Trivia, which I like to think I won, for the most part. If I had gotten any more questions on "Hero Worship" though, I was going to throw away the deck! Still, I did remember the name of all the Klingon ceremonies, and I was rather proud of that. Poor boy has tapped into Katie and my psyche, though...who knows how long his sanity will last. He even knew EXACTLY when I was thinking about eating some ice cream, and he got it out before I even thought about saying it. I was truly amazed. Until he loses every micron of sanity though, I think we'll have a really good time ^_^.

Also, finished the archives and am up to date with another (yes, another!) online comic. Everything Jake is a comic I think all my male friends, especially those of college age, should read. I promise you'll be amused.

Well, for now, that's all the news that's fit to print. Not terribly philisophical or interesting, but hey, that's my life sometimes. Now, back to watching Wei� kreuz and Love Hina...
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