February 4th, 2001

i'm good!


I'm not terribly inspired to write a journal entry, but I am anyway, because I feel that it's time to update.

What I've been working on lately is a story for creative writing. I'm not sure it's any good yet, but I've really enjoyed writing it. I really don't know why, I'm not a terribly good fiction writer. I excel at the expository, but narrative is not my strength. However, I've really been putting my energies full force into this. It's to the point I worked on it instead of the essay I had to turn in the next day at school >.< With any luck, we WILL get that huge snow and then I'll have extra time to stay home and work on it. Maybe, if I feel it amounts to anything in the end, I'll post it, just to get opinions. I may fail miserably, but at least I've given it a valid try. And it's bound to be better than my poetry...
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