February 1st, 2001

i'm good!

"Aw, c'mon, have a heart..."

Just one of the few corny jokes you are likely to hear when you disect sheep hearts in anatomy. Needless to say, I've heard quite a few today. More irritating, however, was the fire drill in the middle of the disection. Imagine 20 kids standing out in front of the high school, waiting for someone without gloves on to open the door so you can get back to cutting up formalyne-drenched cardiac muscle. Kind of amusing...if you can stand the smell of us.

It's amazing the transformation a thin layer of latex rubber gloves can bring about for me. Looking at the heart (which looks oddly enough like a very fatty chicken breast) without the gloves, I'm positively disgusted. The smell of formalyne is overpowering and nauseating, and I can't imagine having wanted to take this class. Then, I put the gloves on. Suddenly, I can pick this thing up with the greatest of ease. The smell becomes unnoticed as I scrape the fat off the cardiac valves, and stick the scalpel down various arteries and veins without a single twitch. Hell, with those gloves, I could take on whole leigons of sheep, and get the hearts out myself! It was the same with the brains...once the gloves are on, and I'm in science mode, there's no stopping me.

I now, however, have to take a shower. I absolutely wreek of formalyne and rubber gloves...and it takes more than a little soap to get that smell off. Ah, the prices we pay for knowledge...

Musical note: I honestly didn't plan to be listening to this at the end of my post...but I am, and I can't help but laugh. For those of you who don't know Japanese, this song, the end theme for Fushigi Yuugi, translates "Ignition of a Heartbeat". I just thought it was kinda funny...
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