December 25th, 2000

i'm good!


Somebody make it stop. My head hurts, and I want to get off this ride. I can't sleep, physcially cannot, and it's gotten to the point today where it's painful. It's driving me a little crazy. Too many thoughts buzzing through my brain that I'm sure I would not have so much trouble dealing with if I were able to get just a touch of sleep. Seems it's not to be...

Right now I need either very strong pain relievers/sleep aids or a shotgun. Anyone willing to give me either?
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    Past the Mission - Tori Amos & Trent Reznor
i'm good!

Christmas Day

Somehow, I managed to get some sleep last night, don't ask me how. I think I must have bored myself nearly to death, which was kinda like sleep. I'm glad to see that some people have had a good Christmas. For those of you who didn't, I'm sorry, and I hope it manages to somehow get better.

My day has been alright. I got some DVDs I wanted, albiet no DVD player...if anyone wants to bring one over, be my guest. My mom will feed you. Crazy as she may be, she's an excellent cook, and her lasagna is highly acclaimed by all who have tried it. Kathleen and I have enjoyed building and detailing the Gundam Wing models we got. She's got the "good guys", and I have the "bad guys", heh. I can't help it if the psuedo-villians are cooler ^_^. Watching my cats get 'stoned' off the catnip my aunt sent was also highly amusing.

It isn't a magical Christmas, nor is it anything particularly special. Still, it isn't a terrible one. Enjoy yours if you can, too.
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    T.M. Revolution - Burnin' X-mas