December 7th, 2000

i'm good!

Bad girl! No biscuits!

Here it is, mid-afternoon. What should be doing now? Studying for that Uconn Chem exam I have tomorrow, I suppose. What am I actually doing? Updating this journal and practicing my song for tonight's audition. Apparently, between acing the acting and fux0ring up the singing, they want to give me another shot at the latter. I thought that was awfully nice of them. That also explains the music I'm listening to, in case you wondered. I remember loving this song in 7th grade, when I first heard Les Mis. I thought it described my life so well, heh. Looking back, it was a very innocent idea of a girl who felt she'd never have a boyfriend. I'm sure in years to come I'll look back at this time with similar, distant affection, the kind that only comes after living through it and forgetting how miserable it was then.

I also have to thank all the people kind enough to give me their advice. I may not like or take all of it, but I appreciate the thought. Thanks. It seems cute-fu helps in that department too. Still, while this journal thing seems to work out okay for me, it makes me really sad to read the things some of you have written. Reading how sad and lonely all my friends are makes me feel bad that I don't know how to help them, and also feel that I have no right to bitch. My problems aren't just mine--they're other people's problems too. I am sorry to everyone for not being able to fix it...I wish with all my might that I could.
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