December 4th, 2000

i'm good!

Happiness is a Warm Bed

John Lennon was close, but not quite. I have found I love nothing more than being able to sit and sleep in a comfortable, warm bed. It holds even more true at this time of year, when it's so cold outside. I think that's why I hate mornings--they make me leave my bed. Still, it could be better. I could, you know, be able to SLEEP. Seems the only times I CAN sleep are the times I must get up for school. I wouldn't mind getting up so much if it didn't deprive me of what is usually the only sleep I ever get. I would be able to sleep at night if I had someone to sleep with, wherein lies my problem. Just to cuddle up with and listen to breathe to help me drift off. Even if this wasn't forbidden in my house, there is still no one who would do so. I sleep with my arms wrapped around whatever is big enough to make it comfy, typically a pillow or a large stuffed doggie named Jo-Jo. It's no substitute for the comfort of another human being to wrap my arms around. Being in a cozy warm bed is blissful, but such bliss decreases if not shared. Until then, Jo-Jo will have to do. I hope he appreciates it.
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i'm good!

Define "Art"

Art class is one of the few classes I enjoy. Except on days like today.

This weekend, the only thing I looked forward to on Monday was being able to go into class and work on a piece I've really enjoyed working on. It's from a photo my friend Mike took: a large white flower with a bee on it. I used chalks so I got a nice soft tone, some lovely subtle shading, and a monochromatic color scheme I really liked. Today was SUPPOSED to be the day I just worked on the background. Instead, I take it out, and the art teacher comes over, grabs a dark gray chalk and puts these dark shadows in, WITHOUT my permission. Now that it's there on part of it, I have to redo the rest of the piece with those shadows.

I was pissed off, and I think rightfully so. I let him know it, too. I had an artistic idea and scheme for the picture, and he comes in and fucks it up. "It looks more realistic that way, better depth" he says to me when I tell him I HATE it. He missed the point completely. It's not that it doesn't look nice, it doesn't look the way I WANTED IT. I thought the point of having an art class was to do what you wanted--the picture and vision YOU had for your own work. Now, I'm trapped finishing a picture that is no longer a reflection of what I wanted it to be. I'm not a photo-realist, and I didn't want a photo-realism picture. I wouldn't have fucking started the picture if that is what I was going to do with it.

Remind me never to become an art teacher if it means you have to be an ass about your own opinion.
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i'm good!

Funny Papers

The only really good thing I can think of on Mondays, besides art class when it doesn't SUCK, is the fact that nearly all my online comics update. I suggest you visit a few of the following:
Rusty Shrapnel
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I am now going to go and read ALL OF THEM. You should try it too ^_^
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