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Today at work, we found two packages of metal letters meant to be put up at the customer service desk. The two sets had all the same letters, so we assume they were meant to spell the same thing. Trouble is, no one can figure out what it's supposed to say. Maybe someone out there will enjoy giving it a shot.

The word or words (again, we have no idea) is/are 18 letters long, and contains the following letters:

1 S (the only capital letter in the group)
1 r
1 v
1 l (or possibly a capital I) <---tricky point #1
1 c
1 o
2 a
2 e
2 i
2 u (or 2 n) <---tricky point # 2
4 t

It's not customer service or gift certificates, we ruled those out. Can anyone think what might be spelled out at a mall customer service desk?

Please help! I'm totally spent, and curiosity won't let me go!

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