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Readily willing to admit I'm uncool...

I've been saying Rick Berman's a cocksucker (and by cock, I mean money) since the start. He might be trying to "make it more commercially successful," but that's not how Star Trek EVER made money. It's about dorky people who will pay no matter what for something that they really love because they're dorks. I hate to even imagine the amount of money that went into my own collection of Star Trek books, toys, and doo-dads.

But, I have to say on the whole, I think Star Trek fans are usually smart people. They don't just blindly like everything with the Star Trek name attached. I don't want Lost in Space, so I didn't watch much Voyager. I want Star Trek. That's why I don't watch Enterprise--it acts like it wants to be something that isn't Star Trek. It wants to be something "cooler". But people who don't watch Star Trek already aren't gonna find it cool, and fans of previous shows think it's just as lame, or a traitor to the name. Even I was afraid to see Nemesis, which I was actually SURPRISED that I enjoyed.

Patrick sent me this link, and it just brightened my day.

And yeah, I signed their petition.

I am such a dork. And I like it that way.

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