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I <3 Professor Tetzlaff...

If you remember, before Xmas break I was excited because my film professor agreed to meet with us for coffee sometime. Well, I wrote him over the break after the time he said he'd be back, and got no reply. Thinking maybe he'd changed his mind, I didn't write for a long time. I decided to try again yesterday.

Here's his response, with my original e-mail embedded in the reply:

>Professor Tetzlaff,
>This is Mary Ellen again, hoping your classes this semester are going

They're fabulous, of course!!

>Doug is certainly making me wish I had room in my schedule for
>production this semester. I'm also wondering if you are still interested
>in going for coffee with us sometime.

Yes, Yes. I'm just a horrible slime wart who falls asleep when I get
home and obsesses about being behind in my work and keeps meaning to
get in touch, really, but somehow never gets around to it. I do,
every day, say to myself, "Damn, have to get in touch with Mary
Ellen!" Arrgh!

> Just let us know when you'd like to
>meet with us if you'd like.

How about you give me a time, and i'll tell you if I absolutely can't
make it (I've got screenings Thursday night 7-9 ish; get off Weds. at
7PM. Next two Mondays are college functions. Other than that...

>Thanks again, and good luck with all the work
>I'm sure you have.


I think that gives you an accurate idea of how fun/funny this guy is ^_^

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