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Our culture is becoming an endangered species of its own doing...

When you in-breed anything for "purity" too long, you end up not only pushing the desirable features to the extreme, but cultivating its genetic flaws as well. We've seen it physically manifest itself in dogs and royal bloodlines. Now, we're seeing it culturally, in politics, religions, and the media. In the life our children are supposed to accept. These things are all slowly killing themselves until they admit fresh material into their make-up.

Forgive a far-reaching connection, but if you've ever studied the financial crisis in Japan, it's a similar problem. To try and save a struggling economy, Japan is trying to rebuild the remnants of a once highly efficient system, but in doing so, disregard or merely quarrel about new and life-saving changes. No one on top wants to see things change. Yet, the people who lose out most in this are not the men and women who get pay cuts, or even those whose jobs are lost. Japan is struggling to keep these practices at a minimum at the cost of higher taxes and prices. The ones who really lose are the young college graduates who never even have a chance of finding a job where they can spread fresh insight. The private investors also continue to lose their earnings to the public sector's massive consumption of their savings as long as these trends continue (if you happen to be interested in a more in-depth explanation, which I'll admit is unlikely, you can ask to read my papers, "Stuck in a Rut: Understanding Japan's Slow Reform" and "It's Not Fair: The Economic Problems of Japanese Egalitarianism").

Moving away from the specifics of my Japanese analogy, these persistent defects have grown so powerfully over time that traditional cures are no longer taking effect. Protest is healthy, but by no means is it the antidote it may once have been. Post-modern thought is rapidly running itself into recursive loops in an attempt to squeeze out the poison, but has become tangled up within itself. Debates between old-form representatives lead no where. The youth of this country is uninterested because they don't see how this problem applies to them. Inbred children don't know what's wrong with their family's structure, partly because it is all they are familiar with and partly because many of them no longer have the capacity to understand the defects.

So, what now? To be honest, I'm not sure. Yet, I feel there is a way, if we all try looking for it. We need to branch out. We need to mate with alien ideas. We have to find some way to change this, or our children will all be choking on their own blood.

I refuse an arranged, infertile marriage. I demand a better future. Chances are if you're reading this, you probably agree, at least a little. I don't think it'll happen instantly or easily, but we have to take the chances that we can. All we have is now, so let's take it and run with it. Because, contrary to popular belief, thinking may very well save our lives.

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