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Sick at home

I'm not sure which is worse: Being bored all day sitting in classes that practially lower my IQ (Devanny's English class), or, sitting at home sick with nothing to do. I'll just have to make up the work later, anyway. When I'm at school, I just wanna go home and sleep. When I'm stuck at home, even school seems a little more interesting. Oh well, one of those great paradoxes I guess I'll just never solve.

Still, staying home wasn't a TOTAL loss I suppose. I did a chance to watch SHINESMAN again. Anime that makes fun of anime, and does it well, is certainly worthy of my time. However, a terrible discover was made today....I may be allergic to the wheat product used to make instant ramen....I CAN'T EAT ANY MORE RAMEN FOR A FEW WEEKS!! This is seriously going to hamper my dietary habits at college. Breaking out in a rash isn't exactly fun either though, so I'm gonna have to go with it. ::sigh:: With the exception of SHINESMAN, this has just NOT been my day.

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