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Throwback to a time gone by...

Brandon has a fedora. I've seen the fedora. I've seen the Brandon. I have never seen the Brandon actually wearing the fedora. Until tonight, that is. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was an action hero from the eighties, good ol' fashioned Indiana Jones style sexy.

Indiana Jones so should have had a beard and glasses. I mean, he had scruff, but only while he was adventuring, and then only really to, you know, let you know how long he'd been away from civilization. The minute he came back, poof, clean shave and bow tie. And he had glasses, but only when he was teaching. How the fuck did he see in the jungles of doom without his glasses, that's what I want to know. They didn't have good contact lenses in his day. That was a Nazi thing, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, he would have been hot then, man, let me tell you. Well whatever, he was still super awesome, so I guess he didn't really NEED that stuff, but still. It would have been like Bowie playing Pilate again. ::shivers with arousal:: OH YEAH.

Well, yeah. Now you know. Mark it in the books as fetish number two. Fedoras. Preferably, with beard and glasses.

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