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Drip drip drip...

I'd fought it off with vitamin C and sleep for some time, but I think I now officially have a cold. It's causing my brain to leak out in a rather unpleasant post-nasal drip, and what remains of my mind is just throbbing away. Not to mention my nose and ears are stuffed to kingdom come and the pain it stuffs in there with it. Not to mention that.

A very pleasant evening of Japanese food and Japanese film (remade by Americans, that little number they call The Ring) and friends, while not Japanese, made it a good evening regardless. Now that I do have Japanese exams coming up though, something tells me the remainder of this cold's stay won't be so easy-going.

Oh well. Probably to bed if I can sleep. Let's hope the NyQuil does it's thing. At $7 a bottle it better.

Regardless, my mood is good. I'm gonna do my best to make sure it carries over into tomorrow.

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