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Also Obligatory...

Yeah, what he said.

I got into a fight with the kids in my Japanese class who think the war is "something that has to be done". Bullshit, I told them, and I gave them as much evidence to state that this is otherwise as I could in the 5 minutes before class. Kobayashi-sensei even asked what I was so fired up about when she came into the classroom, and we talked for a few minutes in the best Japanese we could about it.

"Hantai desu ka, Kennedy-san" --"Do you oppose it, Ms. Kennedy?"
"Hai, hantai desu. Tottemo shimpai desu" --"Yes, I oppose it. I think it's very worriesome"
"Scott-san, hantai desu ka?" --"Ms. Scott, do you oppose it?"
"Hai, hantai desu kedo, daijoubu to omoimasu" - "Yes, I oppose it, but I think it's alright." She followed in English with "You do what you gotta do."

Apparently "Absense of proof is not proof of absense," is a good enough cause for some to support the loss of American and Iraqi lives. Good for you, I'll pass.

Someone get me off this damned (and I do mean as in doomed) planet.

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