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In the meantime....

I'm a short term worrier, I've discovered. I'm far more worried about the immediate now than I am about the future. I feel as if the future is something I don't have to worry about...whatever happens is what is going to happen when that time comes. Now is the only time I can operate in, though, and that's the time I worry about. I fear not getting reports done in time and missing friend's parties far more than the course of my life and career. I'm more concerned about how I I do care about school, so I suppose that's a kind of long term worry, but I feel it's very focused on what I have to accomplish in this or that class, rather than what I need for my degree.

This weekend, it was interesting to see even those worries melt away for just a while. I saw how other people were worried, and that was the only thing that disturbed me.

Are you a long term worrier or a short term worrier? Are you neither? If you are either type, what is it you worry about, and why?

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