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The Good, The Bad and the Pixies...

There was good news and bad news from my film screening tonight.

The Good News: To introduce the first of the experimental films we'd be watching, Un Chien Andalusia, he said "Who remembers their '80's punk rock?" and played The Pixies' "Debaser", off of Doolittle. I said "It's the Pixies!!" rocked out a bit, and was told to "Rock on," by the professor.

The Bad News: I was the only person in the class who knew who The Pixies were, besides being "the song at the end of Fight Club," and that was only one other kid.

Tonight, to help correct this grave error in musical ignorance, I let that one person, Doug, who happens to live down the hall from me, borrow Surfer Rosa, which "Where is My Mind," comes from. He was happy to get it, I can only hope he'll be as happy to listen to it as I am.

So, boys and girls, pitch in, do your part! Share The Pixies with your friends! Spread the love!! It's a wave of mutilation, baby! What, you don't know The Pixies!? Quickly, ask your friends, run to your nearest record store, don't let this atrocity continue! Save yourselves!! Brandon did it for me and many others, and the joy is unbelievable, just ask him! Go! You'll thank yourselves later.

I just wanted you to know.

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