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Well, it looks like Target isn't going to give me a job anytime soon. I got a little card in the mail from them saying "We've recieved your application...we will contact you when a position fitting your needs is open." A polite way of telling me to screw myself. Well fine, I'm not going to be so polite. Fuck you, Target.

I wish they would just hire me at Sarge's, heh. I know they really can't, and I get 25% off as it is, but I just have so much fun working there. Not that the company there doesn't help ^_^ Last time I was there, I reorganized the posters, cleaned all the glass, and helped with the re-organization of the video rental system. It was a lot of fun. I got a free Rurouni Kenshin OVA poster out of the deal, too (and Mike STILL can't have it because he made fun of Hotohori. So there :p)

I know it's getting really bad, my disillusion that I actually work at Sarge's. I use "we" when talking to customers. "I'm sorry, we don't have that in stock right now..." I talk to the customers, ask them if there is anything they are looking for sometimes...I even recognize some of them. Like Jordan. She comes in every Saturday morning almost as soon as we open (see, I said WE again). She's a major Sailor Moon junkie who comes in on the bus from New York each weekend. She looks about 19, and she's 15, dammnit! No fair, looking older than me!! We had her sweep the floor the other day in exchange for giving her a free rental. She's just one of the many people I know all too well, hehe.

It's funny watching the extreme stereotypes that come into Sarge's. I watch them come in, and I think "Yup, that one's an otaku," or "Comic book geek--of the fat variety". There is a thin variety too, after all. In one day, I meet more intersting people at Sarge's than I think I have my entire high school career. Some of them are really nice to meet...others get on your nerves...a few of them even manage to creep me out a bit, but in the end, it's all just an incredibly entertaining experience.

People are inclined to introduce themselves at Sarge's. The employees don't wear nametags, so you have to actually talk to them to get their names. Sometimes, we'll even introduce ourselves to you. That's how I was introduced to David and Malinda. One night, David just asked me my name, shook my hand and introduced himself. Seems like that was eons ago now. I suppose when you come in nearly every weekend and all opportune days in between, it seems like it's the right thing to do. It's a wonderful atmosphere in which to work, in my opinion. It's relaxed and friendly. Maybe that's why I enjoy helping out there so's a place that makes you feel rather appreciated to work there. Granted, I don't get paid, but being the unofficial Saturday help, I have had a wonderful time working there. After having worked there to some extent, I really am kinda glad I don't have to start working at Target right would be a tremendous disappointment to go from the Sarge's atmosphere to that of Target.

As much fun as I've always had at Sarge's, I think I've had more fun there in the last month or so than I've had just shopping there over the last two years. My deepest thanks to all the people there ^_^

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