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Attack of the tacks...

In my room, it seems, simple push pins cease to be inanimate, but somehow, become like strange, crawly, vindictive bugs. With stingers.

Last night I laid down in bed only to be stuck by a pin in the arm. I turned on the light and looked to see which poster it had fallen from. It hadn't. All the pins that were supposed to be in my poster were there. Okay, I thought, maybe I'd dropped it a while ago when hanging them up and it just turned up. Fine with me.

This morning, I woke up and saw another pin on my futon. I haven't hung anything up since getting that futon, and there weren't any missing from the poster above it.

Just a little while ago, I heard a noise like something hitting the floor. I look over, and what should it be but another push pin, down by the window. Again, all poster pins are in place. I'd hammered those ones in but good.

The excess pins I purchased are all in my desk drawer. So, where are these other ones coming from? It's most bizarre...

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